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Summer Weight Loss: Small Changes for Big Results

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The summer is not usually a time when we think of diving into a new health or nutrition goal. The searches for "how to lose weight fast" usually skyrocket this time of year as we feel the pressure to feel and be our best as we run around in bathing suits to cool off, or get into a new dress to look great at an upcoming wedding. Although it's not a popular time to dive into health and nutrition goals, it can be a great time to dive into small changes that can help you feel nourished all summer long and lead to summer weight loss without making it stressful.

In this week's blog, we will dive into why summer can make goals more difficult for us, key things to focus on in the summer for a healthy routine, and tracking nutrition goals for success. Even though you may not feel motivated to start something new, this blog will help you work on bettering yourself, your health, and your confidence all year long!

Why can't I reach my goals in the summer?

Longer days, hotter afternoons, and fewer tasks on the to-do list but more on the calendar are usually the themes of summer for many Americans. We enjoy the freedom and better weather with more time outside, in the pool, gardening, and hosting get-togethers. While the in-home tasks sometimes slow down, the calendars usually stay busy. It can feel like the increased time away from home, more vacations, and meals out are big obstacles for success. However, they don't have to be.

Summer is harder for us to commit to goals and changes because time doesn't slow down and schedules usually don't open up much. This makes it harder for us to justify the timing and the changes we want to make. We know we want lasting success, and we know that lasting success takes patience, time, and consistency. But, when you're traveling more throughout the summer, it can feel daunting to go about a big change.

You can reach your goals in the summer, and you can start to make lasting changes, but we may have to start smaller and measure the progress better. A complete life overhaul may not go over well, especially if you feel busier than during the other months of the year. Starting with prioritizing sleep and water intake can be great places to start before diving into changing what you're eating. Portion size and how much you're serving yourself can be great next steps to understanding how much you're eating throughout the day. Without having this awareness of what you're currently doing, like through tracking food, it can be harder to know what the next steps are for success.

Healthy Summer Routine

Staying nourished in the summertime started with eating regular meals and snacks. Skipping meals or having incomplete meals that lack enough protein, carbohydrates, or color can be a deterrent to our goals and progress. Complete meals can be difficult to make when the temperatures are elevated and the humidity is on the rise as our appetites tend to go down, but keeping a routine can be a huge help in making this happen.

The key to getting in what you need and enough starts with establishing regular meal and snack times to follow throughout the weeks. Keeping breakfast, lunch, and dinner within an hour window can help to regulate hunger and fullness cues through the body's internal clock. Having set meal times can help with regulating blood sugar levels which can aid in weight loss. A solid routine can start with sticking to regular meal times.

Lastly, keeping meals balanced with protein, carbs, and color is important for ensuring you get what you need. Make it easier to get fresh fruits and vegetables by leaving these washed and out on the counter for picking, building meals that revolve around the vegetables like stuffed peppers, stir fry, and more. Many fruits and vegetables are fresh and in season in the summer, so be sure to take advantage of them this year! Locally grown fruits and vegetables tend to be cheaper and more nutrient-dense than the produce that has been shipped in across the country to the grocery store. Going to the Farmer's Market can be a great way to get locally grown produce at a fraction of the cost.

Goal Tracking for Success

A common phrase in the business world is, what is measured get's results. That means, if you're actively monitoring something, keeping on top of it, and at the front of your mind in your day-to-day routine, you will see progress. It is easy to say, I want to lose weight this summer. But, if you don't create the necessary steps to get there, or track your progress with the goals along the way, those goals can fall out of sight very fast. Setting goals to focus on can be a great way to dive into this and get started

Each week, in our 1:1 calls with our Signature Nutrition Coaching Clients, we set goals to help them stay on track and in routine for success. While they have overarching goals they want to accomplish through our coaching time together, we can often lose sight of the endpoint when we are overwhelmed or stressed out. If we can set goals each week and track our progress toward hitting them, we are more likely to see results. Setting goals like, going to the gym for 30 minutes 3 times a week, or making and having breakfast at home before going to work every day this week, can help us know what we are doing and when we achieve the goal. Set the right goals this summer and track them to help you stay nourished!

This time of year can feel difficult to make a life overhaul and reboot on goals, but you don't have to make major changes to see results. Starting with basics like building a healthier routine, setting goals, and looking for nutrient variety can be great ways for you to get started with your health and nutrition this summer without making it difficult. Even small changes each week can help you feel you like again.

Need help staying on track and losing weight this summer? Let's set up a time to talk more about your goals and get you there inside our Signature Nutrition Coaching Program today! Click here for more details and to set up a call!


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