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What Produce is in Season Right Now?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The fall is the PERFECT time to start incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet!

Actually, fresh vegetables, when they are grown and picked in season, have the best nutrient quality than any other time throughout the year. When the produce is homegrown (typically within 50 miles of selling) there is less of a loss of nutrients due to transportation and the produce sitting for a while.

Although the Driscoll berries typically look pick and bright red, they usually don't have the best taste, nor are they the sweetest. That's because they are grown out of season, and if you live on the east coast, they are transported across the country to your grocery store.

So, the produce that is in season now and homegrown is going to have THE BEST nutrient quality and amount. These in season produce options will have greater amounts of micronutrients, which means, more nutrient dense!!


So, what is in season right now??

Mushrooms Peppers Tomatoes Cherries Apples Asparagus Greens (swiss chard, romaine, spinach) Cauliflower Cabbage Brussel Sprouts Celery Garlic Peas Squash Onions

And this is just a short list!

So what do you do if it's not season? I urge you to buy it canned or frozen

Why? Because the canned and frozen versions are also picked at the peak of freshness and flash canned or frozen! They will also have a great nutrient profile and even be better than if you bough the "fresh version" that was shipped in across the country. Rinse the canned vegetables to reduce up to 40% of the sodium content too! Both are great options!

So, I want to know...

What's your favorite in season vegetable? Let me know in the comments!


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