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What role does your support system play in achieving your weight loss goals?

Updated: Mar 18

In our journey towards better health and weight loss, the support system we cultivate plays a pivotal role. As the saying goes, "you're the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most," and this rings especially true when it comes to achieving our goals. Inside our nutrition coaching program, we help support our clients on their journey through accountability, support and guidance to get there.

In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of a strong support system, both in personal relationships and professional guidance, and how it can propel us towards success in our wellness endeavors.

  1. The Power of a Support System:

  • Our support system acts as our cheerleaders, guiding lights, and pillars of strength during challenging times. Whether it's overcoming obstacles in life or embarking on a weight loss journey, having a supportive network can make all the difference.

  • Individuals who lack supportive partners or family members often find it harder to stay committed to their health goals. Without encouragement and understanding, the journey becomes arduous, and progress may stall.

  • Drawing parallels from shows like "My 600 Pound Life," we witness firsthand the impact of support systems on weight loss success. Those with nurturing and understanding environments tend to fare better compared to those facing sabotage or negativity from their close circles.

  1. Professional Support for Long-Term Success:

  • Beyond personal relationships, enlisting the help of professionals like Registered Dietitians and personal trainers can provide invaluable guidance and accountability.

  • Registered Dietitians offer personalized nutrition plans tailored to individual needs, debunking myths and navigating the sea of misinformation prevalent on the internet.

  • Personal trainers play a crucial role in designing exercise regimens that align with one's preferences and goals, ensuring sustainable progress and long-term success.

  1. Building Your Professional Team:

  • Finding the right professionals to support your journey is key to staying focused and accountable.

  • Seek out Registered Dietitians whose philosophies resonate with your goals and values. Whether it's fostering a healthy relationship with food or adopting a macro-focused approach, choose a professional who aligns with your needs.

  • Similarly, when selecting a personal trainer, prioritize compatibility and expertise in your preferred workout style. Whether it's strength training or HIIT classes, ensure that your trainer can cater to your specific requirements.

  1. Communicating Your Needs to Your Support System:

  • Open communication with your close-knit group is essential for garnering the support you need. Clearly articulate your goals and how they can assist you along the way.

  • Establish boundaries and preferences regarding the type of support you require. Whether it's daily check-ins or occasional encouragement, ensure that your support system understands your preferences.

A robust support system comprising both personal relationships and professional guidance is indispensable for achieving and sustaining success in our weight loss and health journeys. By surrounding ourselves with individuals who uplift and empower us, and by seeking expert assistance from professionals who understand our unique needs, we can navigate obstacles with confidence and emerge victorious in our pursuit of wellness. Remember, your support system is not just there to carry you to the finish line but to help you make lasting changes that endure beyond the journey itself.

The Nourished with Emily 8-week small group program, Building Blocks with a Healthier You, runs quarterly and is a great way to get thesupport and accountability you need from Registered Dietitians and in a community setting. Get more information here!


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