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How a your support system can help you achieve your weight loss goals

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

There's a saying that states, you're the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most.I like to think of these people as your support system. They are there for you, they know a lot about you and your goals build you up along the way, if they are a good group.

What we don't realize with many challenges and obstacles in our life is that, it's often our support system that helps us overcome them and see it through to the end.

The same is with our weight loss and health journeys. If our partners or family or support system is not on board, or not even aware of our goals, it can make showing up for ourselves and seeing it through to the end very difficult.

One way to think about this is like the show My 600 Pound Life. On the show, people are seeking weight loss surgery from a reknowned physician in Texas to transform their lives. Often times these individuals come from an abusive or troubled past and have used food to cope. As a provider myself, there is a marked difference in the success of people who have their families on board to support them and guide them and care for through the process.

The individuals that have support systems, especially a significant other, that are often insecure and not supportive, tend to struggle. We often see sabotaging behaviors like forcing the person to eat more than they wanted, refusing to buy healthier grocery options, verbal abuse and more. Without having someone or people that are building them up and helping them, they are crumbling under the pressure.

Having a strong support system can help you success with weight loss by having someone to confide in, to talk about your goals with and help with accountability. When we have people on our side, our goals can be so much easier to achieve.

Our support system outside of family and friends is also vitally important for long term success. Having a Registered Dietitian on your team, like us here at NWE, can help you navigate the misinformation on the internet, help you learn how to nourish you and more. A personal trainer can help you stay accountable to exercise and making sure what your doing is realistic for longterm success.

Wondering how to find the support you need to stay accountable, focused and achieving your goals? Start with building your professional team.

Find a Registered Dietitian that teaches something you believe in and feel like can be sustainable for you long term. If you're wanting a better relationship with food, less restriction and more listening to your body and education, NWE may be for you!

If you're wanting more macro focused support, there are dietitians that will teach you how to macro count for your goals.

Hire a personal trainer that specializes in how you love to move. If you want strength training, start asking at small gyms for someone that can work with you 1:1. Wanting HIIT classes and cardio? Larger gyms will offer these classes which may be cheaper than 1:1 support.

Tell your close knit group/support system what you're doing and tell them how they can support you. If you don't want someone asking you everyday what you're doing, maybe ask them to be there for you when you need them. If you want constant reminders, maybe setting up an accountability buddy will work best.

In the end, the support system is the one that can help carry you and your goals to the finish line, while also making success last. Surround yourself with people who know you and your goals and will help you get there.

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