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Membership and Programs

1. May Masterclass: Weight Loss Jump Start

Start losing weight with small changes that can bring big results!

Join us for a transformative one-hour class on jumpstarting sustainable weight loss. Learn practical strategies to begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle without giving up your favorite foods. Discover how small, manageable lifestyle changes can lead to significant results. Say goodbye to restrictive diets and hello to sustainable habits that last a lifetime!

Join this hour-long training on May 21 at 7:30 pm, with replay available, where you'll walk away with the tools and the guidance to help you start a sustainable Join us today for $50 or grab a spot in the membership and get the class included!

2. The Nourished Membership

Get all the tools your need to make change and hit your goals

​You're overhwelmed with constant chatter on social media on what you should and shouldn't be doing to hit your goals like lose weight, have better energy, feel good in your skin again and better your health. You don't know what will ACTUALLY work for you. The Nourished Membership is our premier membership that gives you the tools you need for success like recipes that help you hit your goals and taste good, trainings inside of our extensive video library that give you the education from Registered Dietitians, resources like guides on protein, water challenge, tracking your exercise and more. PLUS you get access to a Registered Dietitian every month in our membership Q and A and Masterclass to get every nutrition question answered as well as learn how to apply these principles to your life.  

The Nourished Membership is the answer to your questions like: 
- "What should I make for dinner tonight" with access to our ENTIRE recipe and resource library at your fingertips inside the NWE platform
- "What has protein in it" with access to recorded trainings and guides like "The Secret Macronutrient for Weight Loss" and our "Ultimate Protein Guide" inside of our membership and platform
- "How can I adjust my lab results like Cholesterol, which came back elevated" with access to our MONTHLY Q and A call with the Nourished with Emily team to give you the answers and direction you need to make progress.

The Nourished Membership is what you've been missing. Here's what you get:

  • Get every masterclass PLUS a monthly Q&A with Emily

  • $200 off our Signature Nutrition Coaching Program

  •  Recipe library with over 200 recipes and growing to try

  • Video and resource library with 200 video trainings and over 100 handouts to use

  • $29/month (each class usually $50)

This is a no-brainer way to get the support, education and tools you need to help make change. Join us today!

3. Building Blocks to a Healthier You!

8 Week Small Group Coaching Experience- Build your nutrition foundation from the ground up for lifelong health

You know what your goals are, you know that something has to change but you're just not sure where to start with it all. 

You've done fasting, WW, meal replacement shakes and more and nothing has stuck. 

You want a roadmap, a guide with education, accountability and support in getting you there that is tailored to your and your goals, rather than a general program. 

Building Blocks to a Healthier You is our foundational group nutrition coaching program where we give you the keys and tools to success through trainings, Q and A, support from the NWE coaches, guides and more to help you make a lasting change for success. 

No more 14 day quick fixes, we are teaching you how to eat for the next 90 years, not just the next 90 days. 


Building Blocks to a Healthier You is our Signature Small Group Coaching Program that runs for 8 weeks and gives you the foundation in nutrition and health to ACTUALLY see progress with your goals and not more guilt or set backs. 

Inside the group coaching program we will cover:

  • Goal Setting and Getting Started because setting the right goals matter to be able to hit them

  • Back to Basics: Nutrition Foundations because we just aren’t taught how to eat in school.

  • Movement and Supplements because there is a lot of misinformation and advice about what you should be doing for workouts and what you need to be taking.

  • Stress and your Nutrition because it can impact how fast you see results and how well you rest and recover. Better sleep and energy when your stress is managed!

  • Building a Better Relationship with Food you shouldn’t have to be feeling guilty about enjoying that cookie at the end of the night.

  • Nutrition While Out and About and How to Meal Prep because you can still meet your goals even if the meal isn't made from home.

  • Course Correction because slipups will happen. Research shows we go through 4 major setbacks a year, let's work through how to overcome them.

  • Keeping Momentum on Long Term Goals because you should never have to diet again

With weekly trainings, group chat for support and sisterhood, guides each week to take and apply the knowledge, homework to help you make progress on your goals and the feedback and support of the NWE coaches to make sure your questions are answered!

We are giving you the tools and education you NEED to get started and feel good again. 

Our next cohort kicks off at the beginning ofJuly 2024! Live program ran quarterly, reserve your spot today. Payment plans available.

4. FREE 10 Day Healthy Habits Challenge

Small, daily habits that lead to big wins!

Join us for the FREE 10 day Healthy Habits challenge where we focus on habit building and stacking, foundations to success and more!

Cost: FREE

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