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Emily is a media contributor to sources like Reader's Digest, HUFF POST, The Washington Post, POPSUGAR, Healthline, BUSTLE, Authority Magazine, INSIDER, and more. Click on the images below to watch media stories. Or see below for links to recent articles

Here are 5 things Emily think's you need to work on to improve you're overall well-being

What are the most nutritious options for canned chicken noodle soup? Here's the list!

Should you drink red wine? Is it okay to have Eggs? Find out here!

Find out if you should be working out in the morning or at night!

Why are we still overweight while we have more and more healthy foods available to us?

Find out where your favorite cheese rank on the scale of healthfulness!

Fad diets are everywhere, here's how to know if what you're doing is fad featuring Emily. 

As a former barista, catch Emily's go to for your next coffee run!

Check out the best, most filling foods to include on your low carb diet!

Should you include seltzer water in your routine? Find out here!

You're better off just having the french fries!

Easy ways to help you up your water intake.

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