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3 Things you Should Not do Before the Summer

You’re feeling the pressure from social media, the summer is coming and you want to feel confident and radiant in the sun you might be going down the spiral of looking at diets and supplements you can incorporate into your routine to help you get "summer body ready".

You’ve googled and scrolled on your lunch break for hours trying to figure out what foods you should eat and how to see changes before the summer. You've even thought about asking a friend for their input on what has worked for them but remember that Keto was really hard to do.

But, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t do before the summer if you’re wanting to feel confident and ready. We are diving in so you don't make any mistakes on your path,

1. Don’t tell yourself you have to be a certain weight by a certain date. This will add much un-needed stress and anxiety and set you up for failure when life happens and lose motivation. If we can separate our expectations that we have to be at a certain point by a certain time, and just enjoy the process and progress, it will make the entire process so much easier and fun. When we fixate on the date and not the process, we can set yourselves up for failure.

2. Don’t fall for the gimmicks of supplement companies when they say they have a “fat burning” formula that you should drink all day or something that helps you to spot lose fat. There is NO such thing, you can’t spot lose weight or fat and likely, it’s a supplement that will make you be in the bathroom all day. Programs and supplements that replace meals are almost always guaranteed to have you gain the weight back after you're done losing weight. These programs target your insecurities, and wallets, to make you a lifetime member.

3. Lastly, don't embark on a lifestyle change alone. You have a team behind you at work to help make everything easier, let NWE be the team behind you with your health and nutrition to make everything easier! When we go it alone or don't have the accountability/support, it's very easy for us to throw in the towel when things get tough or results don't happen as fast as you'd like them to. Don't do this before the summer, ask us for help and let us be part of your nutrition and health journey.

Ready to make the summer the best season for you where you make easy changes and feel confident? We are here to help! Just ask or fill out our application here:

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