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About Nourished with Emily


Emily's Story

After battling an eating disorder in high school and seeing how much food plays a role in our every day lives and how we treat ourselves, I found my passion for nutrition.

Through education, counseling and  experience, I realized that I was called to help women break free from the dieting mentality and lose weight  and take ahold of their nutiriton through building healthy habits that last a lifetime. Nutrition shouldn't be a 30 day challenge or a one and done thing, proper nutrition and healthy habits is a lifestyle you can do forever.

I want you to feel confident in your own skin, in your kitchen, be empowered to chase your goals, have a sound nutrition foundation through the education we do together and make healthy choices for you and your family for a lifetime.

I am a graduate of Marywood University's  Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetic Coordinated program, Concordia University's Master's in Applied Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition Program and registered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration. Although my main office is located in Syracuse, NY, we help clients all over the US.


When I am not working with our nutrition coaching clients, I am playing with my dog, Mr. Magoo, traveling with my family and fiance, or trying out a new recipe to share!

Meet our Co-Coaches!


Sara Hayes, MS, RD

 My name is Sara Hayes and I have been a Co-Coach at Nourished with Emily since October 2021. I am originally from Syracuse, New York, but I currently reside in Washington, D.C. I attended college at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where I completed their unique Master’s Dietetic Internship Program. This program allowed me to complete my Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Internship over the course of five (5) years! Fun fact: Emily Tills and I actually met in high school, and we attended the same high school AND college together! Our friendship goes way back! My current full-time position is as a Renal Dietitian with Fresenius Kidney Care, and I also have previous experience working in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). In my spare time, I play Co-Ed softball, explore the DC museums, and visit the many local restaurants DC has to offer!


I love helping clients navigate through the process of reincorporating foods they originally deemed as “unhealthy” and “bad,” such as carbohydrate-dense foods and the meal of breakfast! My favorite part about being with NWE is when clients experience wins in areas they didn’t necessarily expect to see when they started with the program, such as increased energy levels, better control over their eating habits, and improved sleep quality. The whole purpose of why I became a dietitian is due to my love of food and helping others, and I’m so excited to say I get to accomplish both by working at NWE!


Emily Kirk, BS, RD-Eligible Nutrition Coach

My name is Emily Kirk and I am a co-coach at NWE! I have been an online nutrition coach since May 2022, but it’s not my first experience educating the public on nutrition through my experience as a public health nutritionist through the state.  In my free time, I love to hang out with my fiancé, Tyler and my dog, Murphie! I also love to work out, go for walks, cook, binge watch tv, try out new restaurants, and read. One of my favorite things about coaching is helping people better their relationship with food - it’s something anyone can benefit from! It’s really cool to see a client who was once struggling with binge eating, be able to gain control over the foods they deemed as “bad.” I like to teach clients that all foods fit - meaning you can eat any food you like, just rethink the way you approach it. Instead of just eating a bag of chips or a sleeve of cookies, think, “what can I ADD to that snack to make it healthier & more fulfilling?” That way you aren’t completely cutting out the foods you love, you’re just working them into your goal of being healthier! I also like to focus on non-scale victories, as these are the wins that prove what you are doing is working.


Some non-scale victories my clients have are: clothes fitting better/looser, no longer needing seatbelt extender on planes, not getting winded from walking up the stairs, better energy, improved sleep, progression in the gym/exercises, wedding rings fitting better, and SO many more! As a coach, I want to help you develop life-long tools and practices that you can maintain, even after graduating NWE!

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