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Is Group Nutrition Coaching Right for Your Wellness Journey?

Why we aren't taught nutrition in school and what you can do about it

Recently, I was thinking back to my time in elementary school, middle and high school on what we were taught. The curriculum always focused on math, science, reading and history but dove into different areas throughout my schooling. These classes helped me find my passion for science and health, and helped us to become more informed adults.

But, through my reflection, I realized something. Sure, years had been dedicated to the main focuses in school, but there was rarely ever a time that nutrition and health were dived into during schooling. I can't even recall a nutrition class in school. We didn't have home economics and most schools don't even offer it anymore, where they would teach you how to cook and prepare food to eat.

So, how did we learn how to eat and nourish our bodies?

We didn't. There wasn't any formal teaching, no classes, very little curriculum around building a balanced plate, getting in the nutrition we need, learning how to fuel for exercise and health, and how to lead healthier lifestyles. All we were taught was the food pyramid, and that if the school lunch was supposed to be healthy, we didn't want to eat healthy!

Where did we learn how to eat?

We learned and absorbed whatever our parents taught us or were doing. If your parents were clean plate club people, you probably were, too. You probably were taught to eat to the point of being VERY full, rather than stopping at being satisfied. You were probably taught that snacks were BAD for you, but now you crave chips and tortilla chips when you're stressed or bored.

How we view and use food is a product of what our parents were taught and how they view and use food. Whatever food baggage they had, we usually carry it along, too.

Where and how can we learn to eat better?

Nourished with Emily has dedicated it's mission and work towards helping women learn how to build a healthy plate, how to hit their goals without restriction, and how to actually see results and changes without restriction or swearing off your favorite things.

We dive into this mission through our Signature Nutrition Coaching Program which offers 1:1 support and guidance, along with The Nourished Membership, which gives you access to our entire recipe library, our educational video training library, handout guides, monthly live trainings and Q and A with NWE, too.

Our newest offering, Building Blocks to a Healthier You, is our signature small group coaching program that runs quarterly. This program is designed to give you the nutrition foundation, education, tools through weekly guides, and support in a group setting to help you make change without making it stressful.

We dive into:

  • Goal Setting and Getting Started

  • Back to Basics: Nutrition Foundations

  • Movement and Supplements

  • Stress and your Nutrition

  • Building a Better Relationship with Food

  • Nutrition While Out and About

  • Course Correction

  • Keeping Momentum on Long-Term Goals

And so much more!

Our cohorts run quarterly and you're not going to want to miss out on our next group. We like to cap the program at 7-10 women to keep it intimate and cozy!

Ready for more info on the group and want to grab a discount on it before we start? Click here to be taken to our programs page to learn more!


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