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Programs & Classes

1. Get Unstuck

How to master your metabolism, mindset, nutrition and plateaus for success

You've been working hard for a while, you've tried many of the diet plans out there but constantly feel like you get stuck after 2 weeks. You keep getting stuck and can't get out of the rut so you start over again. 

Get Unstuck is going to walk you through the mindset piece of success, the metabolism facotrs, nutrition considerations and how to beat the plateaus in progress while also answering all your questions! This program is kicking off July 5th but will have replay available! 

Join us for $250

2. The NWE Masterclass Membership

The Masterclass Membership

  • Get every masterclass PLUS a monthly Q&A with Emily

  • 10% off all programs

  • 1:1 coaching packages

  • $29/month (each class usually $50)

3. How to Meal Prep Like A Pro!

This 5 part program and resources helps you meal prep with ease!

Our most popular masterclass, helping you plan and prep for the week with ease

WITHOUT spending hours in the kitchen.

Cost: $50

4. Back to Basics: Building Your Health & Nutrition from the Ground up!

Helping you build healthy nutrition habits with easy and small changes.

This NWE program is Dedicated to helping you better your relationship with food,

stop the craving and bingeing cycle and start to give your body what it wants.

Join now and catch all the training replays!

Cost: $200

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