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Why Every Diet You've Tried Has Failed and Why it's Not Your Fault

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Did you know that the average person changes something about their health and nutrition about as many times as the seasons change? Well, now you know! And maybe you are the one looking to make a change to help you lose weight right about now.  

We have all been there, we have tried one of the fabulous diets or programs that is helping “everyone”get results but for some reason it is just working for us and so we move on to the next “fabulous” diet hoping for better results. And from one diet to the next seeking the results that you want with no real results you give up   because it was too hard, you got frustrated and  you didn’t see any further weight loss so you called it quits.  

 You find yourself spending about $1000 on various equipment, special foods that are needed for that new diet, and a cabinet full of unused supplements  from every diet  you’ve tried. I have been working with clients on their and nutrition for ??? years now and I have heard story after story of clients spending $350 a month on supplements for weight loss that didn’t even work. Another client had been trying to lose weight for 10 years, and with statistics saying  the average person tries 4 new diets a year.That means she has likely tried 40 times to lose weight and every single time it’s been unsuccessful. It’s EXHAUSTING!!!

You probably think it is your fault why all of these diets aren’t working.   Why is it that everything you try doesn’t seem to work?  You may even be thinking that it’s your fault . And you’re definitely thinking that it’ll never work for you.  But let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The oxford dictionary definition of diet is “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons”. Dieting comes from a mentality that restriction is the only way for us to lose weight.When most people think of a diet they think of all of foods they will have to limit or cut out of their daily life. However, that’s not always the answer , especially when you’ve been trying to lose weight for an extended period of time. The first thing most people will do is cut back their overall intake of food, usually 500-1000 calories. And most people usually see some progress and even lose a few pounds , then  they hit a plateau. Then most people decide to cut out carbohydrates. It works a little more, but then they start craving bread, pasta and other delicious treats  they add them back into their routine and  the weight creeps right back up. Sound familiar? 

Your dieting efforts are failing because of this vicious cycle. We live in a society that continuously promotes    restriction  of  intake  to the point where we are eating the bare minimum and our bodies  adapt to conserve as much energy as possible which means, even with eating 1200 calories a day, you’re still not losing weight. 

Your efforts are  falling short because you set yourself up for failure from the beginning with all he restrictions of what foods you can and cannot eat.  You get even more strict to the point where food doesn’t even bring you joy anymore and  and then you  are drawn to give  into cravings like sweets and unhealthy snacks or even overeat and begin to have a feeling of regret and failure. 

Keto doesn’t work in the long term because most people don’t want to live with the restriction of not eating snacks and sweets that contain carbs for the rest of their life. Intermittent fasting doesn’t work because you get hungry earlier than when your fast allows you to eat, it also may not allow you to go out to dinner with your friends or family because not many want to eat at 5 or 6 pm. Weight Watchers doesn’t work because you may feel shamed for eating a food that has a higher point value than the other foods so you end up not tracking them. For long term success, you may not want to be tied to tracking and points for the rest of your life. Food tracking and macros has failed you because you weren’t measuring and tracking EVERY LITTLE THING you’ve had throughout the day, you went out to eat and didn’t want to guess what was in your meal. 

It’s not you that failed with the diet, it’s the diet that failed you. Living here in the US we LOVE having our freedom and the ideals that we can do what we want when we want. So when a diet or someone tells us that we cannot have something or restricts us it makes us want that thing even more.If you’re ready to finally commit to losing the weight without restriction, food rules or headaches, let me teach you! There are open spots in my 1:1 nutrition coaching program where we deep dive into your nutrition and health history, likes and dislikes and habits to craft the best nutrition plan to fit your life!


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