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Diet trends that need to stay in 2020

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

There's STILL SO MANY things we should be leaving behind in 2020, especially when it comes to nutrition trends, so here's my take!

2020 we saw the coming of CAULIFLOWER EVERYTHING! Cauliflower chicken nuggets, cauliflower rice, cauliflower flour, cauliflower sauces and drinks and desserts. If there's one thing I want to stay in 2020 DESPERATELY, it's this trend. Why? Because it's telling you to FEAR CARBS and that things are only healthy if they have cauliflower in them.


When you're CRAVING something, something SO SPECIFIC, but you try to deny that craving with a copycat-wannabe, you're only making that craving worse you know? Yeah, you'll eat the cauliflower wings but you'll still be thinking about regular chicken wings once you're done eating. Just because there's cauliflower doesn't make it better.

ALSO, cauliflower cheez-its are GROSS. Cauliflower leaves a weird aftertaste in your mouth and can cause gas too. If you want the real thing, just do it!

This goes with choosing sweet potato fries over French fries because “oh sweet potato fries are healthier” but let me tell you that that’s not true. Did you know that sweet potato and white potatoes have the same nutritional value? The only thing that’s different is the MICRONUTRIENT CONTENT! What vitamins and minerals are involved! Stop sacrificing what you really want for what you *THINK* is healthier!

Another thing we should ALSO leave in 2020 is shakes and smoothie everything in order to get protein. NEWS FLASH, you can get protein without chugging a protein shake! What the heck! That 30 grams of protein that's mixed with things you don't really even know are in there isn't really what your body wants. We want REAL FOOD! Start feeding it real food! You can make breakfast sandwiches ahead to eat, you can have yogurt! Just make it happen

That protein powder you use ALSO isn't regulated by the FDA for the ingredients and what's put into it. You're putting things in your body you don't really even know are there.

LASTLY, let's leave intermittent fasting behind, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop telling yourself you're not allowed to eat, even if you're hungry until the clock strikes midnight. IF DOES NOT WORK MIRACLES, it does not make you lose weight any faster or burn fat. ACTUALLY, it can cause more damage to muscles than to your fat stores! You're teaching you body to NOT listen to itself, reject hunger and fullness signs

EAT THE DANG BREAKFAST! Your body will thank you later!


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