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The Truth About Motivation

A few years ago, every Monday on Instagram, the home page would be flooded people sharing #motivationmonday pictures, quotes and more.

There would be inspirational quotes reminding you that you can do anything and as well as the posts where it felt like a drill sargent was yelling in your face.

For a while, this was a routine and ritual people would find themselves in, open up the app and remind themselves that it's a new week and now is the time to crush it.

These external motivation means, the posts, the videos, the gifs were helpful for some, but there's something that we are missing here.

We remind clients this a lot inside of our Signature Nutrition Coaching program, motivation should not come from outside sources. We can't rely on someone else to make us motivated or make us make change. We have to do it and make it.

Motivation and action only work if we see a benefit in whatever that task or thing is. If we don't think it'll help us, or that stepping point to our goals doesn't matter as much to us, then we won't follow through.

When we rely on outside things like posts or other people to get us moving towards our goal, we are more than likely to get to the end point.

Motivation has to come from within, and we know that motivation will come and go for many of us, depending on our schedules, routines, lifestyles and focus. Motivation doesn't bring you to the finish line.

Determination does.

Determination to reach our goals, determination to work through the downward slumps and hard times. Determination to push through.

Motivation isn't something we can always rely on, but when you're goals are strong, your why is strong, and you're determined, you will get there.

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