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How Community Support can Make or Break your Weight Loss Goals

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You’re setting big goals, you’re ready to make changes with your nutrition and your body, but you don’t know exactly how to get started to make it last. You’ve been on diets and programs before, losing some weight but gaining it back every time. You’ve gotten fed up with dieting and weight loss, but still want to feel like your old self again. 10 years ago you that would put on jeans and a shirt and not stand in the mirror for 10 minutes poking at yourself and your stomach. You want to lose but make it last this time, something has been missing every other time, community and support.


Community support can make or break your weight loss journey. When we don’t have people around us and supporting us, who get us and know what we are going through, change is hard to make happen and stick. In this blog, we will dive into how community and support are essential to making weight loss happen and stick, rather than losing and gaining it back, where you can find community, and how Nourished with Emily fosters a caring and supportive community to make weight loss happen.


Why is community essential for a successful weight loss journey?

With 95% of diets failing and obesity rates on the rise to over 40% of the US adult population, it’s no wonder that weight loss is hard to maintain, and going on the journey alone is one way that might bring you closer to failing the change you set out to make. However, research shows that we are 65% MORE SUCCESSFUL with our goals and making a change when we make commitments to others and build a healthy support system.

Think about all the decisions you have to make every day, from what you have to wear to which route you’ll take for work, and what your big quarterly goals are for the upcoming months. Think about how likely you are to hit those goals at work when you write those goals down, post them at your desk, and work with your team at work on them. You probably hit your goals most of the time, if not all of the time when you’re doing those things.

So, why when we start working on our health and weight loss, do we stop seeking a team and support to do so? Why do we live in the internal struggle of trying to stay on the path and in the groove when we can have another way of making it, having support, and making it last?

When we have a support system and community around us, like our Nourished Membership which gives you not only the tools to make weight loss happen but also a supportive community through group calls, monthly 1 hour trainings, Q and A, and more, you have the community of men and women who are on the same journey as you. They get you and your struggle, and not only can give you the peer support and ideas to make your goals happen, but you also get the knowledgeable team to help you along the way.


Where can I find support for weight loss?

This is something we work hard on providing to our clients through our membership and signature nutrition coaching program. Support for your goals can look like helping you recipes that are tasty and can support weight loss. Support for you can look like having Registered Dietitians on your team answering your questions specific to your goals like how much protein should I be eating a day, what is the best way to get in my protein without having to drink shakes, and how can I lower my cholesterol without a statin? While you may think you could just go on to a Facebook group and get support or ask your doctor for help, having a team that only focuses on weight loss and your health can help you get there faster.

Nourished with Emily has multiple options to help you on your journey for weight loss and help through our Membership and the Signature Nutrition Coaching Program.


How does Nourished with Emily foster a healthy and supportive community?


Nourished with Emily’s main focus is to help you feel confident in your skin and in the kitchen through nutrition counseling, education, and support through community and support. We do this for our clients through our exclusive client group chat where we share recipes, personalized trainings and workouts, recipes, Q and A with the Nourished with Emily team each month to get your questions answered, and a monthly training to help you take the latest nutrition trends and learn what’s real and how you can apply it to your life.


We know that when you have a team around you, a support system of your peers and nutrition leaders, that we can help you prevent setbacks and make weight loss sustainable. We experience setbacks with our goals 4-6 times a year, imagine being able to minimize those setbacks, keep motivation high, and hit your goals without headaches. When you say “no more” to going it alone and have the Nourished Membership team behind you, your goals can be hit faster.


Our Nourished Membership is open for enrollment and we are ready to support you! Join the Nourished Membership today for only $29/month (a $400 value) and get your support system behind you!


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