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Should I be Buying a Meal Plan?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I know it’s so tempting, right? You’ve been struggling with your weight for years now, you feel like you’ve tried almost everything under the sun to just make that 20 pounds go away. You’ve listened to Dr. Oz, taken those magic supplements which say they melt away the fat, guzzled apple cider vinegar thinking it’s making you look leaner and even tried laxatives that made you spend more time in the bathroom than anywhere else in your house.

On top of those quick fixes, you’ve tried all of the diets. Keto, multiple times, intermittent fasting, gluten free, dairy free, high fiber, low fat, the works! AND, you’ve been left with no positive results at all. It’s FRUSTRATING and you feel like you can’t do it anymore. Trust me, I get it. I know how you’re feeling and I’ve worked with so many women that feel that exact same way.

So, you’re thinking your next move is a meal plan. Your thought process is that you feel like you’ll only be successful when someone tells you exactly what to eat. They are supposed to take the work out of dieting and weight loss and just fix it all. It sounds alluring, I know! But here are some things to consider:

Do you like eating the same thing every day or every week? Most meal plans will have you make 3-4 recipes for a week and eat it all week long. Most people don’t like leftovers, either, so if that’s you, a meal plan that makes you bulk prepare your food for the entire week in one day may not be the answer for you.

What happens when you aren’t in the mood for a specific type of food?? You know, when the plan has you eat oatmeal every day for 6 months, that sounds boring and exhausting! So you cheat on it and eat something else, or you suffer through the 6 months of absolutely hating everything you eat! .

You like to go out to eat, right? Well, don’t expect that meal plan to allow you to stop at Starbucks for your favorite beverage anytime soon. Don’t expect it to allow you to go get dinner and drinks with the girls either because that’s certainly not on the plan. As far as your girlfriends know, you’re sick for the next 6 months and cannot leave the house.

Lastly, where’s the accountability that sheet of paper is going to give you? Oh, right, it’s non-existent. The plan isn’t going to help you course correct when you’re struggling or when you feel like it’s not working. It’s just going to tell you nothing. You’re SOL!

Instead, ask yourself, what do I really need? To be told what to do, which we all know we hate being told what to do, or to actually have someone on your team and helping you crush it along the way? Head on over to the 1:1 coaching tab and fill out that application to give yourself that help and support you’ve been looking for.


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