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Preventing the Holiday Hangover

We both know the next 2 months are the busiest of them all, from decorating for the holidays, attending parties, shopping for gifts and keeping up with your endless to do list; it's not going to stop.

Having all these things going on make it easy for us to put our health and nutrition on the pack burner "Until things settle down" (we both know, you're busy every week of the year no matter what the holiday upcoming is).

This year, rather than you saying you're going to start after the new year, it's time you gave starting now a thought.

I get it, you're not going to be able to make HUGE changes in your habits right now, you probably don't want to be walking outside in the dead of winter, but there are other ways to get started now.

The holiday hangover comes from the let down after the holidays, where we were so excited to get together, hang out and have good food. You feel heavy and bloated, hungover literally from the alcohol and just worn out from all the things you had to do.

So, what should we be focusing on really and realistically during this time?

  1. Start with getting enough sleep. I know it's tempting to watch an entire hallmark movie marathon all night or stay up super late to the wrapping presents. We really should be in bed for at least 8 hours, get your routine started earlier for bed and settle in. With all the added stress, this is something we can help to manage it.

  2. Eat regularly. It's tempting to skip meals because you know you're going to have a bigger spread later when you're out to dinner or drinks, but we need to be eating regularly to help prevent bingeing and excessive eating. Try to get in those 3 meals a day

  3. Prevent illness with getting more color in. The colder weather brings around more sinus infections, cold and flu; your nutrition can help to prevent most of those issues and increase your immunity. Try to get in as much color with your meals as possible!

  4. Take some time for you. It's important to take care of you, too. Give yourself time to step back, take care of you. You can say no to things if you don't want to do it! Can you set aside 15 minutes a day for self care?

These are all easy ways to take care of you and your health without making many changes at all. Start with 1 step, one thing, every day to get you closer to where you want to be. No holiday hangovers when you're working on you!


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