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Is Cheese Healthy to Eat?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Are you a cheese fan like me? I sure hope so because I'm about to teach you some fun ways to incorporate delicious and nutritious cheese into your routine!

But first, let's start with some nutrition facts about cheese. Cheese sometimes seems like the bad guy BUT it's not! It's a great source of protein, usually 7-8g of protein per serving which is equivalent to a glass of milk. Cheese also is a good source of probiotics, that good gut bacteria that makes your stomach happy. cheese is aged and even fermented in the process of making it which adds good, healthy bacteria to the cheese and in turn, in your stomach. This means that cheese can help with your digestion, too.

Cheese can also be a great source of calcium, which is an essential nutrient to our bodies and our bones. Without adequate calcium, we can start to lose bone mass and be at risk for osteoporosis. Cheese is a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are heart healthy and protective. Omega-3's help to prevent heart disease and other issues as well as promote brain health. Without Omega-2 Fatty acids, we are at greater risk for health issues.

Lastly, cheese is a great source of the fat soluble vitamins! Cheese has fat in it, which makes it creamy, and with that, it comes Vitamins A, D and K, all needed in the body for function and health. Cheese really is a great source of nutrition and can be a part of healthy diet to make sure you're setting yourself up for success.

So how do I incorporate cheese into my diet?

First, I love to use the Cabot Cracker Cuts as a snack during the afternoon. Portioning out cheese can be quite difficult if you're not paying attention, so with these pre-cut and portioned out slices for me, I know exactly what I am getting and it's portable. I like to paid it with some crackers and grapes for a salty and sweet snack that keeps me fuller for hours.

The Reserve Cheddar cheese tastes amazing in my mom's recipe for Mac and Cheese. It's sharp enough but melts down to creamy texture that really elevated the dish. We like to add in 4 ounces of grated Habajerno cheese in to add a spice to Mac and Cheese as well!

The Cabot Light cheddar adds a kick of protein and flavor to my eggs in the morning to increase the fullness feeling after it as well as give an extra vitamin boost from the eggs and cheese combo. Really something you can't go wrong with!

The Pepper Jack cheese pairs nicely with a 93/7 ground beef burger INSIDE the patty for bring the flavors of the burger up as well as melt together all the flavors. Pepper Jack adds that subtle heat while still giving you the creamy-cheesiness you want.

How do you like to incoporate cheese into your routine? Be sure to check out our friends at Cabot for some delicious good cheese and snacks!


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