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How Betty and Sandra are lowering their A1c with Nutrition

This week, while on client calls, I was chatting with 2 different clients about managing their diabetes and blood sugars and changes that we can make with their nutrition to make it possible.

They both have been living with their diabetes for some time now and know that they need to do something now to prevent any further complications with their health and bodies. It is expected that in a few years, about 30% of the population will be suffering from diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle related disease which we can reduce the risk of with behavioral and lifestyle changes we do inside of the Signature Nutrition Coaching program.

Betty came to us with an A1c of 8.4 in April of 2022. She had been suffering with diabetes for a while, she didn't know what to eat for her diabetes or how to lower her blood sugar beyond medication.

On our first call together, Betty and I discovered that she was starting her day with 16 ounces of cranberry cocktail juice every morning. This was giving her 60g of simple carbohydrates and nothing else. She wasn't pairing it with anything, just the juice. Lunch was some bread slices and dinner was chicken and mashed potatoes.

The first thing we had to do with talk about what a plate for someone with diabetes should have on it to help with lowering blood sugar levels, thats protein with carbs. Then we had to come up with ideas together on other breakfast options for her that would reduce the carbs and give her more protein. We got rid of the juice and decided to start with oatmeal that has protein and fiber in it. We revamped her lunch to be more balanced and started adding in more color, too. On top of that, we worked on her hydration, which plays a role in blood sugar levels as well as got her moving more.

At her appointment the other week, her blood draw showed that her A1c was down to 6.2 and that her heart, which she had had severe bloackages in the past, was healthy, strong and without any blockages.

Sandra has been a part of the NWE program before and came back when her A1c started creeping up again. She was back in the mid 7s and did not want to be there. On our first call, we started to change around the portions on her plate to increase the vegetables and protein and decrease the starchy carb. We also looked at her pre-bed snack, which before was some crackers, to something that is higher in protein to help with controlling blood sugar.

She immediately started to change her meals and snacks and saw a change right away wtih her blood sugar levels. No longer where they 190+ when getting up in the morning, they are now hovering around 140-150! We still have some work to do to decrease them further, but she's doing amazing with these changes. Dropping the morning average by 40 points will help her lower her A1c and reduce any diabetes related complication risks.

These two ladies are just 1 example of things we help clients inside of the program work on. While they are lowering their A1c, they are also bettering their relationship with food, losing weight and feeling more confident and energized with their nutrition.

Ready for more help and accountability with your health and nutrition? Set up a time to talk more about your goals and getting you there!


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