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Healthy Drive Thru Lunches!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

It is lunch time, and you tell yourself “I ate a good breakfast, I’m good”. But are you really? Should you skip lunch because you didn’t plan, don’t have time, or just don’t know what to eat? No, no you should not skip the meal. You need to eat something. What do you do?

Decision time:

  1. You could run to the store and grab something premade.

  2. You can do a delivery or get it yourself at the drive thru.

To make this easier on you, let’s talk about option two.

Drive thru lunch choices, HERE WE GO!

First stop, McDonalds!

A quick and easy option is the Hamburger Happy Meal from McDonalds! This little box is filled with a Hamburger, Kids Fries, 1% Low Fat Milk Jug, and Apple Slices. You could do a 6 piece chicken nuggets with chocolate milk or even a fillet of fish!

Nutritional Information : 475 Calories, 16 g Fat, 10 g Sat Fat, 62 g Carbohydrates, 22 g Protein.

Next lunch drive thru idea, Taco Bell!

Have you checked out the PowerBowls from Taco Bell?! Wooooooo, talk about a game changer! Next time you drive thru, order the Power Menu Bowl - Chicken! This has grilled chicken, seasoned rice and black beans, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, reduced-fat sour cream, avocado ranch sauce, and guac! Dare I even suggest adding extra protein? Don’t like some of the ingredients? SWAP THEM OUT!

Fun fact, did you know Taco Bell works with Registered Dietitians?! Yes, I am serious, it is on their website. Lots of places work with Registered Dietitians to help provide people with nutritional and tasty food choices.

Nutritional Information : 470 Calories, 19 g Fat, 6 g Sat Fat, 50 g Carbohydrates, 7 g Fiber, 26 g Protein

Onward to drive thru #3, Chick Fil A!

The Chick-fil-A Cool Wrap is a great choice for lunch! It is full of lean proteins, fats, and veggies, all in a whole grain wrap. One of my clients, who is vegetarian, often gets this wrap and has it customized to her liking. I would even pair it with a small fry! You could even do a nuggets meal! I am serious! There should not be any “bad foods” labeling. It is about balance, moderation, and fun!

Nutritional Information : 660 Calories, 45 g Fat, 10 g Sat Fat, 32 g Carbohydrates, 43 g Protein

Girl, I could tell you about so many other choices to pick from! I love paninis from Starbucks, sandwich and salad combos from Panera, a burrito from Chipotle, and even grabbing a slice of my favorite pizza with a salad on the side!

Here are some fast food tips I recommend :

  • Customize your meal!

  • Look up the food menu nutrition facts online.

When you customize your meal, you can ensure you are eating 3 different food groups and colors. This could be adding extra veggies, getting another side of protein, or swapping out a sauce. Hint, hint...these 3 different categories are three different types of nutrients that your body needs! Think about it this way, if you were allergic to a certain type of will make sure not to eat it. Your thought process should be this in reverse, you are ADDING foods to your order that your body NEEDS.

A good majority of restaurants are having a transparency approach when it comes to nutrition, and have started to list nutritional information on their website. This is great news! If you have specific fast food places, and even restaurants you enjoy...go take a peak! Chances are, there are just small adjustments that need to be done. Don’t close out this blog when I say this, but you might even need to be eating more food!

You don’t have to do this alone! If you’d like a little help and support, feel free to reach out to me!

Fill out my “Client Application” and let’s get started today!

I don’t want you to eat the foods I eat, because you may or may not like them. I want you to eat the foods you enjoy, and know that you can still lose or maintain weight. I am not sponsored by any of these businesses, I just want to PROVIDE YOU SOUND NUTRITIONAL AND RELIABLE ADVICE.

Struggling with this concept? That is perfectly okay!

Send me a message titled “Drive thru lunch choices, HERE WE GO!”


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