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Why You Should Hire a Registered Dietitian

There's a lot of opinions and information out there on social media and on blogs and websites you probably stumble across every day. You see conflicting information and opinions on whether what you're doing is good or bad.

You see "hot takes" from fitness gurus and videos that brag that they have found the fat burning food everyone should be eating.

They play on your emotions, your pain, your hurt and make you feel guilty if you're not ready for change or to progress. They target you and rope you in with crazy testimonials, before and afters and so much more.

There's a lot of marketing, ads and predatory practices inside of social media and the internet to get you to buy into some crazy products, but let's be honest, these places aren't really looking out for you.

Registered Dietitians on the other hand have a duty, a credential that is there to help legally protect all Americans from these crazy claims and ads, help you cut through the BS claims and marketing and help you determine what will be best for you.

It is the duty of a Registered Dietitian to take the science, the research, the claims and dig deeper. We are here to help determine and interpret research and help you apply it to your own life and goals. Dietitians are here to guide you and empower you, to teach you and have you have the skills to flourish well beyong working together.

When you have a Registered Dietitian that also takes the coaching form, like we do at Nourished with Emily, we are here to help motivate you and support you beyond just nutrition education. We give you the tools and support to make it happen with long term success.

It's important who you go to and who you trust, there are a lot of programs and products out there just to make a quick buck, but Registered Dietitians want to be there to support you and help you grow for life, not just in a certain season or with a specific goal.


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