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Why diets don't work

In my few years as a Registered Dietitian, I have seen a lot weird things people do with their nutrition and food, especially with the diets they have they have tried. Here is what I, your Registered Dietitian, think about some of the biggest diet trends out there.

WW- restriction to minimal calories and obsession with saving points. It’s really just a low calorie, low fat diet that tries to get you to minimize fat and carbs. I have found that clients that have been on WW in the past end up having the most disordered eating patterns than any other diet.

Optavia- SUPER expensive, only eating 1 meal a day, discourages all forms of activity due to how low your intake is. Hard to maintain once you reach your goal and causes MANY metabolic adaptations. Their coaches have NO formal nutrition training

Keto- Demonizing an entire food group, cutting out an entire food group will obviously cause you to lose weight but also cause cravings and bingeing. Increasing your risk for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes due to high fat intakes.

Herbalife- There are NO supplements on the market, especially these shakes, that are actually tested and confirmed that they have what they say is in there and in safe amounts. How can a powder really be your healthiest meal of the day?

Fasting- When you cut out an entire meal, you automatically put yourself into a deep deficit. You can eat breakfast and still lose weight. There have been NO studies that show that fasting is more beneficial for health in the long run.

Tracking/Macros- Can be super helpful and a great tool to increase awareness, however, it is VERY easy to become obsessed with it and deter you from eating. Most tracking apps and tools give a generic calorie goal which doesn’t take into account what level you’re eating at currently, what your history is and what your activity level is

Meal Plans- No one likes to be told what they should be doing or eating. You’re going to get VERY bored by day 3 of eating the same thing and most meal plans aren’t tweaked to have the foods and calorie intake you should be at.

Cleanses- You have skin, lungs, kidneys, and a liver that does all the cleansing that you need for your body. A juice or a tea is not going to be the magic fix, unless you needed to really go to the bathroom.

Whole30- It is an elimination diet to help you pinpoint what's causing your GI issues and symptoms. Not meant to be a life-long thing that is followed. Very restrictive and lacking in several nutrients


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