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What to eat while going through Menopause?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Just because you’re 40+ does not mean you ~have~ to gain weight! Here’s why:

You heard your mom complain about it as she was getting older and now you’re starting to feel a little like her, too

You feel like once you even LOOK at cake, the weight just packs on, especially around your stomach

I know you’re even looking at pictures of yourself when you were younger saying “ why did I think I was fat then? I was so skinny! I wish I looked like that now!”

These are ALL things I’ve heard so many women tell me through my years in coaching, they get older and they feel like the weight just appeared out of nowhere

But, let me tell you! There’s something we need to do and know to help get you feeling better overall!

1- Our metabolisms are lowering, partially from muscle loss but also from not eating enough! You NEED to eat, and eat regularly to help with weight loss!

2- We really should be paying more attention to fiber! If you’re feeling like a bottomless pit, fiber will be your best friend! Fiber is complex, you body has to work really hard to try and break it down but just cant! Which means, you’re feeling fuller for longer, so less snacking! We women need 25g a day!

3- Strength training 2-3 times a week can be the biggest help! Lean muscle raises our metabolism by about 10 calories per pound. Every pound you put on, you increase your burn at rest! Find a fun strength training class or trainer to get involved with to help you build and keep that muscle. Don’t like strength training, what about Pilates or yoga with incorporates body weight exercises? That’s a great way to build muscle.

4- Macronutrients need to be in balance, I know it may just be easier to have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, but carbs don’t keep you full for very long. We need PROTEIN, FIBER and FATS to keep us fuller for longer and to prevent over eating. Yes, we need carbs, but our meals should focus on protein first. With the protein focus, you’ll be able to maintain your muscle mass easier, meaning your metabolism stays elevated!

5- Get a SOLID bedtime routine, you probably have found that as you’ve gotten older, you’re getting up earlier. Without the necessary 7-9 hours, your body can’t completely recover from the day before and set you up for success tomorrow. Reduce stress and lose weight, time to sleep!

Which one of these goals can you get on today and start towards feeling better!


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