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NWE Client Spotlight: Allison S

NWE CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Allison, the June 2022 NWE Scholarship Winner and rockstar client of Nourished with Emily from Maryland!

Check out our interview with Allison!

Who is she? Where does she live? What does she do in her free time? — “My name is Allison. I am originally from Scranton, PA, and currently live in Maryland. I am a speech therapist and love working with adults following stroke, TBI, and other neuro diagnoses. I enjoy spending time with my husband, family, and cat named Mean Kitty.”

Where was she before joining the program? — “Before I started Nourished with Emily, I was not active at all, eating whatever I wanted with no limitation, and binge eating.”

When did she join NWE? — “I joined Nourished With Emily, in June 2022 when I was LUCKY enough to receive the scholarship.”

What made her decide to be a NWE client?? — “I decided to join after going to a doctor’s visit and being advised if I continued down the nutritional journey I was on I may have associated health problems that run in my family and have issues with fertility.”

What’s your BIGGEST accomplishment so far? — “My biggest success since starting has been making small changes that are actually achievable and sustainable for my future and having non-scale wins.”

What would you tell a person if they were wanting to join NWE? — “DO IT, join NWE! You will keep pushing off this wonderful opportunity until another day, week, and a year goes by. I wish I did this SO MUCH SOONER. But now that I did it, I am so much happier!”


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