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Nutrition Fads and Trends: What's the deal?

Do you remember the trend a few years ago of adding butter to your coffee? Or what about MCT oil in everything? Or maybe the cauliflower trend that RUINED cheez-its? These were all HOT topics for some time inside of our Nutrition Coaching Program, that's for sure. But when was the last time you heard from someone doing something like that?

Every few months a new trend or hot nutrition topic comes around and of course, companies that push it, too are rearing their heads to try and make more money off of it. But, they neve seem to last long. Why is that?

Trends are just that, trends. They are things that come and go, you know like how skinny jeans are out of style now (I will never give up my skinny jeans!). These things just don't stick around very long, but why? Often they push drastic change on partakers or will ruin things that give us joy for the sake of "reaching your goals". But, I don't understand how adding butter to your coffee is supporting you on your path to success?

These trends force us to believe that a one size fits all approach is THE WAY to finally feel confident again and have success. But, we know that one size fits all doesn't mean it's actually going to work.

Just because swapping rice for cauliflower helped you cut down on your carb intake does not mean that it will help you feel more satisfied with your meal or snack. Intake, you'll probably feel LESS satisfied with the meal or snack.

The one thing that we have been preaching and will never stop preaching is finding what works best for you and what you enjoy. It's easy to get wrapped up in who's doing what diet, but if you don't actually like that approach and you can't see yourself doing it forever, then what's worth of you doing it?

Fads and trends will be appealing, but if we aren't able to apply them to our lives and what we want, it's hard to make them our new lifestyle.

Here's how to spot a trend or fad you should avoid:

  • It demonizes a regularly available and consumed food

  • It makes you feel like you're doing something wrong when you're just going about your routine

  • It makes you add things that usually don't go together (like coffee and butter)

  • There is no research attached to the claims or changes that are recommended

  • You don't get excited about trying it

You don't have to hop on every trend or fad that comes around, I certainly won't be wearing baggy jeans anytime soon. Use your knowledge and ask yourself, does this make sense or even sound helpful?

Want more help and guidance on navigating the BS claims that are out there? NWE is here to help!


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