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"The Best Diet for Weight Loss!"

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

"Do this to lose 5 pounds today!" "Better stay away from carbs, that's what is making you FAT!" "OMG you TOTALLY need this CLEANSE to get you back on track!" "This SMOOTHIE is the KEY to your success!"

Chances are, you've read those words, said those words or fell for those words at some point in your life.

I’m not going to sit here and say “no, I have never tried” the newest diet trend. Because I have, and I wish I knew the things I know now back then. What I will tell you is why you do not need another fad diet in your life.

Why those diets work - temporarily :

  • You are eating less calories than you normally do (putting your body into starvation mode)

  • You are dropping weight! (water weight)

  • You feel good about yourself (those feel good hormones are releasing, relieving stress)

Why you should not fall for the newest diet trend :

  • They are not for everyone

  • They can cause future health problems

  • It is not too difficult to change and maintain a healthy weight

  • Your body is getting an inadequate amounts of vitamins and minerals

  • Consistently eating healthy will give you more energy and help you feel better

Working with a Registered Dietitian means you are getting that one on one personalized attention. You are working with someone who obtained a degree at an accredited college to help guide YOU. When you go to have your tooth pulled or a cavity filled, you don’t go to Jane Doe down the street that has 75% off special on a root canal. You go to a trained professional dentist! So, when it comes to your weight loss or nutrition goals, you should hold the same level of standard. Pick the person who is trained, certified, and is a medical expert in nutrition. Emily Tills has her masters degree, this means, she WENT THE EXTRA MILE to HELP YOU achieve your nutritional goals.

Weight loss and dieting is difficult, stressful, confusing, overwhelming, emotionally draining, exhausting...are you getting my point? Ya, I know it is not easy, but don’t fall for another fad diet just to take 2 successful steps forwards and 3 discouraging steps back. Here are some ways on how to flag a fad diet :

  • They promise quick results

  • There are severe food restrictions (for example : excluding carbs)

  • Give strict do’s and don’t rules

  • Have claims based of testimonials only or one study

  • Promote their products or supplements

What diets have you heard of and tried before? What burned you the most? Comment below and tell us!


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