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How to Work Through Low Motivation

The days are getting shorter, it's dark when we wake up and the weather is just so BLAH. Really the last thing we want to do is to get out of bed and be productive. I get it! I felt that way yesterday morning.

To be honest with you, this is when most people's motivation to do anything dips. You start to feel like you have a hard time focusing on what needs to be done, and just want to make the easiest decision to get you to the next checkpoint. When our motivation is low, we have a hard time looking ahead to what's next and what we should be focusing on.

It's hard to see the bigger picture when we can barely see the end of the day. I get it!

So what happens? What do we need to do to get going?

Start simple, start small, especially when your motivation feels like its hitting rock bottom.

I tell my client this:

-Pick one focus for the day, what's the one thing you want to do this week to help set you up for future success? Is it go on a walk? Make dinner at home? Pick ONE thing and do it

-Keep that goal SMALL, if your focus is to get to the gym, don't make your goal to get there daily if you can barely get there once a week. Start with 1 to 2 times to get the momentum

-When feeling overwhelmed, get back to basics! If the gym seems to hard, can you find a short video on Youtube to do or get outside and play with the kids?

-Count down from 5 and just do it! Give yourself that pep talk and count down to get going

-Remember, the only thing you can control every day is your ACTIONS, ATTITUDES and EFFORTS.

Motivation is tough, but we have to remember that we don't find motivation from external sources. In order for us to be most successful it has to come from within, come from our own desire and focus. When motivation gets tough, we must ask ourselves WHY we got started in the first place and what our WHY is.

Your WHY, the reason why these things matter and why your goals matter is what should be driving you to more success and results. BUT, when times get hard we have to be continually reminded of our why. It has to be at the forefront of your minds. We can’t play the victim card and still be successful, we have to be on our game, even if the game is a little off this week.

What do you do when your motivation feels low? Let me know below!


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