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How to Make Progress when you Don't Want to Show Up

I was logging on to our client management system this morning and started clicking through some of our clients tracking from the last 24 hours and providing feedback.

One client that we have been helping for the past month and a half was tracking some very different foods than she has been over the past month and reporting that her energy and focus have completely gone down the drain.

She had some stressors come up this weekend and feels like she is just treading water. She is losing steam.

This is a common stopping point for so many people. We are so conditioned, through the things we have tried in the past, the challenges, diets and programs we have invested in. We feel strong and focused, something comes up like a trip, an event or a problem, and we want to through everything aside just to get by.

You are NOT alone if you are feeling this way. I said this on a LIVE training last week and I mean it, wholeheartly. You did not come this far, to only come this far. Life will constantly throw you ups and down. It will constantly be there and trying to derail you.

But, you are given choices. You can either continue to show up despite distractions and know that when you FUEL yourself right, you end up feeling better and that even if you aren't making huge progress, it's at least 1% better now.

Or, you let it overcome you, you go back to coping methods that aren't serving you and you lay down and take it.

We are given choices and we can either choose to continue to support you, because at the end of the day, you and your health will also be there for you. Even if you're feeling defeated, ask yourself, how can I show up for me today? What can I do to prepare me to feel better?

Laying down and taking it, putting your goals off, saying you can't focus on it right now is an excuse. Stop making excuses when time gets hard, learn how to push through it.


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