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How to make a healthy choice for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo and Mexican food always get the rap of being fatty or unhealthy but doesn't mean that if you have health goals and want to satisfy the craving that you can't indulge. With every cuisine and meal, there are ways to make better choices and feel more satisfied rather then leaving the meal feeling bloated and blah.

Mexican food gets touted as greasy and high in fat often, but let's debunk that and dive into how you can make a better choice when having fun on Cinco de Mayo.

The first menu and ordering hack when going out to eat that we like to share is always survey the entire menu first. It's easy to make your decision off of the first entree that catches your eye but it won't always be the most satisfying one or the one that gives you everything you need. We recommend looking at the seafood and the sides, too! The sides are a great way to get everything you'll actually eat without overserving yourself.

Order off of the side menu for your entree. It's no joke the restuarant portions are usually 2-3 times the size of what we should be eating. That means, when you walk in and eat all 4 tacos on your plate without taking a breath, you'll probably be walking out feeling not so hot. By ordering off of the sides menu, you're deciding how much you'll get in front of you and also cut out the things you won't eat. Why order a platter with quesadilla, burrito, tacos and rice and beans when you know you really will only eat the quesadilla and taco? You'll cut out the extras this way and still get a satisfying meal.

Look for the entrees you can make. I am talking the fajitas! These can be an excellent source of vegetables as well as lean protein. The ingredients are always grilled and you can portion out how much you want inside of the tortilla.

Try a margarita on the rocks rather than blended. The blended ones are usually made with a high sugar syrup and frozen, which means you're getting more sugar than you realize as well as more calories in that small glass. Grabbing a margarita on the rocks will be simplier and less calorically dense but still satisfying.

If you're making a spread at home, how about making sure there's an abundance of vegetables to use? Cut up extra lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives and avocados to provide fiber and heart healthy fats!These will help you fill up and get extra fiber for fullness and digestion.

You can make healthier choices with mexican food and going out to eat. We will keep spotlighting some of your favorite cuisines and how you can make healthier choices at every location! What's your go to when going out to eat?


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