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How to lighten up your coffee order

The alarm goes off and you roll out of bed, run to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day, grab breakfast on your way out the door and pull up your coffee app to make sure the shop has the order ready by the time you pull up.

You punch in your usual, Grande, Chai Tea Latte with a shot of espresso and a dollop of whipped cream. Your mouth waters at the thought of it in anticipation.

You pull up to the shop and see that it's not ready yet. You pull out your phone, open the app and decide to just look at the nutrient information of the drink you just ordered. You recently decided that you were going to cut down on added sugar and feel like the Chai should be well within the confines.

But as you scroll through the information, you're hit with surprise. That medium size drink you get every day has 240 calories, AND 42 g of sugar. You debate cancelling the order but grab it anyways when it's ready and decide, "I need to change this up".

Here's how you can lighten up your order to prevent excess sugar and calories from creeping into your routine when you don't even realize it.

Let’s start first with the size, do you usually get a medium or a large? What about going a size down? Try to keep your serving 16 ounces or less.

What do you put into it? Milk/cream like in a latte, iced coffee or chai tea latte? Most coffee shops will standardly use 2% or Whole milk, ask for 1% or skim milk to cut back on calories and fat.

Do you sweeten it or get it with added flavors? Try asking for half the pumps or using a sugar free syrup/sweetener in it.

With a Chai Tea latte, most shops will use a pre-made mix that is already sweetened, but ask for them to make it with chai tea bags rather than concentrate!

Just by changing these few things, you can cut back on the sugar and added calories and still enjoy that beverage you love.

How do you order your drinks?


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