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How to Keep your Motivation High

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

"If you see my motivation anywhere, please let it know that I am looking for it!" You thought to yourself as you scrolled through instagram watching everyone post their workout videos and transformation Tuesday posts.

Its the middle of summer and you're feeling lost, tired, unmotivated and ready to throw in the towel until the kids go back to school. I know that feeling well, too. You've been spending plenty of weekend out late, drinking a cold drink and relaxing the day away. Then, wake up the next morning and say "man, I have to do better!" But you still struggle day in and out.

But, you know you have to do better! So now what?

Girl, I FEEL YOU!! I know how you've been feeding lately and I am here to help you get over that unmotivated and overwhelmed feeling that you have right now.

So, what can we do? We get unmotivated when we lose sight of what our goal is and why we want it. We get unmotivated when we feel like achieving it will be so far away from where we are now that it's just easier to stay where we are at rather than change anything at all.

The first step to reigniting that fire is find your why. Why did you get started on this journey in the first place? Why did you choose to make a change and get better? Why did you step out if your comfort zone to get moving? Think about it and sit in that feeling of wanting to achieve your goals FOR you why.

Next, STOP MAKING YOUR GOALS SO DANG BIG! I am not trying to tell you to forget about that HUGE weight loss goal you've had. I am telling you to make it smaller goals. Make it into a weekly goal, a monthly goal at the most. If you've got 60 pounds to lose and you're losing a pound a week, you're bound to get discouraged fast that you're still so far away from your goals. Break it down from that big scary goal into small, more manageable goals that you can feel accomplished with and gain momentum with FAST.

Lastly, give yourself grace. Not every day is going to be perfect nor will you be able to do all of the things. BUT, if you can move the needle forward just 1% each day, you're getting SO much closer to your goal. I want progress not perfection!

Your motivation won't always be 100%, but if the desire is there and you give just a little bit of effort, you're doing better than you thought you would!

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Yes! I haven’t thought about ME or my “why” in so long…time to step back and remember what it is that I want, what moves ME! Great reminder to get and keep me on track! ❤️

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