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How Important is Breakfast for Weight Loss?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

With the advent of Intermittent Fasting to the dieting and weight loss scene, there is much debate over whether breakfast is necessary for weight loss and positive outcomes. Some people swear by eating breakfast everyday, people like me, and then there are some that just can't fathom the thought of sitting down to a hot, or a cold, breakfast to start their day. This leaves you asking, is breakfast needed for success?

Let's look at the opposing side first! Those that support Intermittent Fasting, that tend to ditch the first meal of the day can lose weight if they are in an overall calorie deficit. However, if you're intermittent fasting and NOT in the calorie deficit, you cannot lose weight. You can overeat on IF. Just because you're fasting does not mean that you'll automatically lose weight, your body still needs energy and has to figure out how to utilize it the best it can.

Recent studies have also shown that intermittent fasting has proven to NOT be more effective at weight loss than a calorie deficit and exercise. Those that are intermittent fasting has shown to have no greater advantage with fat loss over those eating a general calorie deficit and exercise as well. IF can be convenient for those that tend to back load their meals but it is not necessary for weight loss.

Breakfast can be very helpful for weight loss, especially for someone who is very prone to snacking and overeating as the day goes on. By starting your morning, within 30 minutes to an hour or waking, you help your body’s metabolism and digestion increase its efficiency and function. Our bodies function the best when they have fuel/food to keep them going; therefore if we can provide ourselves with a steady state of healthy and balanced nutrients, we are more apt to be fuller for longer, have less of a tendency to snack and overeat and can be more productive.

Breakfast should also be more than just a 100 calorie yogurt as you run out of the door. We are most active between the morning and midday, therefore thats where a majority of our energy intake should be coming from. Breakfast should be hitting at least 4 of the 5 major food groups, vegetables can be the hit or miss but you can absolutely include them in and be successful. What if you paired that small yogurt with 2 hardboiled eggs, granola and maybe a ½ cup raspberries. Really, it can be that easy! That breakfast will be so much more filling than the minimum amount of food you usually eat.

Breakfast is so underrated and underappreciated. If you find yourself starving throughout the afternoon and your energy dipping until you finally binge on a salt or sweet snack, then maybe beefing up your breakfast is the first step! What do you like to have for breakfast?


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