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How can I practice self care?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Do you ever just want to take a nap or bath but have so much work, so you put it off? Don’t! So many people forget that self-care is super important and once they are reminded to practice self-care, they feel so better! When trying to lose weight, this is an especially important step to take. Self-care helps with feeling good in your own skin and helps take off the pressure of losing weight. Sometimes you have to take a break from all the stress and focus on yourself!

What are some ways to practice self-care?

One great way of practicing self-care is getting a good night’s sleep. Whether you are super busy or you had a relaxing day at home, you still need a good night’s sleep. This helps recharge your body and helps your body heal itself. Everyone should get 8-10 hours of sleep a night, but everyone is different. You should try to figure out how much sleep makes you feel best and do that every night. This will help make you more productive during the day and feel better during the day! Another way to practice self-care is to take a break for yourself every day. This break could be 5 minutes or even 2 hours! Sometimes you just need a little alone time to regroup and relax. A lot of people don’t take time for themselves during the day or take breaks at all. This can cause a lot of stress and you might even feel like you aren’t putting out your best work! Some activities you can do for these breaks are going on your phone to play a game or go on social media. You can also watch a YouTube video, read a book, go for a walk, or even a snack break, or a bath! What you do depends on how much time you have to spare but a quick social media break is a great quick example of self-care. Another example of self-care is going out and treating yourself. For example, getting your nails done in the morning before your day begins or even just getting your favorite breakfast from your favorite restaurant! Do something you enjoy either before or after your busy day. You don’t have to do this all the time but once in a while really make you feel better about yourself and decreases stress!

What isn’t considered self-care?

Even though self-care means taking time for yourself, don’t do nothing for a whole day when you need to get work done. Keep up the hard work but take breaks in between all the work for yourself. You can break up your day and reduce stress. Even if you want to take a day for yourself, you can still get some errands done that don’t put too much stress on yourself. Finish that book you have been reading or clean the stove that you haven’t gotten around to. Also remember if you have nothing to do, don’t be afraid to just take the whole day for yourself! Go do something you really enjoy!

Self-care can help get you to feel good about yourself! Make sure you know that you deserve self-care! You have to take care of yourself to be successful! There are so many different ways to practice self-care and even if it is just 5 minutes a day, you can relieve so much stress and feel good about yourself!


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