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Free Nutrition Info Isn't Helping You

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Wonder why all of those free meal plans, free challenges by “health coaches” and workbooks didn’t ever work for you in the long run?

The answer is in the question!

THEY WERE FREE, you had nothing to get you motivated. You lost nothing if you didn’t do it. You had NO SKIN IN THE GAME

When you invest into something, when you invest into a Dietitian, you pay attention

When you invest in yourself, you say “I am taking me and my health seriously, I know what I need to have the accountability and something tailored to my goals and life in order to be successful”

When you grab something for free, you say that your goals aren’t worth the time it takes to set up a program, the investment in yourself to work with an expert, and the energy it takes to see it through. They don’t matter enough for you to take them seriously. Oftentimes, you are looking for the easiest way out.

Think of a time when you grabbed a free meal plan off of google or your favorite recipe site. You probably followed it for a couple days but by the end of the week, you had no desire to keep going. Or, what about when you signed up for that free challenge at the gym? You started off strong, but by week 2, you didn’t want to get out of bed.

The free things haven’t stuck because we don’t lose anything, we haven’t sacrificed anything in getting whatever it is.

However, you may have found WW or another dieting program successful for a little while because you had to pay for it. You had to invest your TIME, MONEY and ENERGY in it in order to get results. The reason why those didn’t work, well that’s because it wasn’t built for you. It wasn’t crafted just for you and designed to fit into your life, rather you fit into it.

Sure, the easy way out is getting more recipes, more information or things and ideas on what you should do…

But that easy way out is not the best way for you. It’s not the fastest way for you. It’s not the most helpful way for you to to go.

It’s just another bandaid but with adhesive causing you to grab another band aid soon when you really needed stitches to fix the problem.

Nothing that was ever CHEAP or FREE was the best thing for you. Start taking your health and nutritious seriously and invest into you.

This is your sign, your calling to join the NWE team and get to working with us. We want to serve you!


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