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Emily's Favorite Kitchen Find

Setting yourself up for success in your nutritional and wellness journey starts at home and in your kitchen. Throughout September, I have been sharing with you a few helpful tips and suggestions to guide you on reaching your goals. When you know what resources you have in your home, you are setting yourself up for success. Resources can be food (frozen, refrigerated, boxed, canned, etc.), kitchen utensils, and equipment, you name it!

Remember when we talked about taking a deeper dive into your pantry? It can feel overwhelming with so many foods to sort through and even shocking (with expired products) when you start to shuffle through all the cans, boxes, and bags of shelf-stable foods.

I encourage you to use that microwaveable quinoa pack, canned beans, jarred sauces, and flavorings this week! You know what, here is a client favorite recipe with just these items, I encourage you to be creative with the foods you have already at home!


  • Microwaveable quinoa packs (dried and prepared) are helpful in all busy situations

  • Brown rice/White rice can be prepped in 20 minutes

  • Whole Wheat pasta or Barilla Protein pasta for protein with your well-rounded meals


  • Cannellini beans are great in a salad, can add fiber to any dish plus are tasteless!

  • Black beans

  • Green beans/canned vegetables for an easy side


  • Rao's Marinara sauce for the best-jarred spaghetti sauce around

  • Jarred Pesto to add some color and heart-healthy fats to a protein or pasta


  • Oatmeal, I love the Quaker Protein Oatmeal that you can make in 90 seconds!

  • Garlic and Shallots for more flavorful cooking

  • Dry cereal that is low sugar and has moderate protein

Don’t be intimidated by your stocked fridge and freezer either! This area of your kitchen is great for storing such a large variety of foods. My clients will tell you recently that I am all about making sure we get high-quality protein, as always BUT also trying something different!

Besides the yogurt that I always have available in my fridge, Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer is the second thing that's always there. Made with REAL CREAM and sugar to give you the best-tasting coffee without chemicals or preservatives. Yes, I said real cream! You better believe I have leftovers in my fridge too! Leftovers are great for grab-and-go meals during your busy week. One NWE client does slight alterations to her leftovers for lunch the next day, and yum!

Frozen foods are usually picked IN SEASON, at THE PEAK OF FRESHNESS. This means that all those berries you see in the fresh section of the store aren’t as nutrient-packed as the ones in the frozen section because those are shipped mile and miles (about 1500 miles on average) out of season so they won’t taste as good nor have as good of nutrient content.


  • Chobani Yogurt

  • Babybel cheese rounds

  • Chomps Sticks/Beef jerky

  • Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer

  • Leftovers!


  • Jimmy Dean Delight Turkey Sausage Egg and Cheese breakfast sandwich on English Muffin

  • Veggies: edamame, beans, broccoli, mixed medley

  • Fruits: strawberry, blueberries, mango, and raspberries

  • Carbs: potatoes for tater tots or hash browns, brown rice, quinoa, or pasta

  • Frozen, Reheat and eat meats: Chicken, Beef, sausage, and soy

When you know what foods you have in your kitchen, it can help make your meals easier! You may have noticed by now, but every person is different, and all the Nourished with Emily clients are too. Which makes them amazing! I bring this up, because what you read above may not fit you and your lifestyle, and that is okay. I get it! I take the time to get to know the NWE clients and provide them specific and personal goals and resources. The only “cure-all” for everyone is consistent support and guidance, and that is what I provide for the NWE VIP Clients. If you would like personalized support for your nutrition and wellbeing goals, click the Client Application link above. I’m here to help support you, in the way you need support.

Tell me, what is a staple in your kitchen? Have a question about foods in your kitchen? Send me a message, let’s talk!


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