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Client Spotlight: Megan

Where were you before joining NWE? I was limiting calories with MFP and getting frustrated with eating the same thing repeatedly. I was not being very active. I had elevated TSH levels and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I definitely didn't have the energy to do things with my kids and was struggling to find clothes that fit comfortably.

Why did Megan want to join NWE? I needed someone to hold me accountable and shift my mindset with food to one of health instead of limiting/dieting. What progress/changes has Megan seen since becoming a NWE client? My clothes are fitting looser, I have more energy, my wedding ring fits without being uncomfortable, I am down 15 pounds, I was able to get a seatbelt on without an extender on the plane, and I am enjoying my workouts instead of them feeling like a chore. What would Megan say to someone thinking about becoming a 1:1 client? Having a coach to walk you through setting goals, who will cheer you on when you achieve your goals, and who helps you alter goals when life happens is priceless. Really learning about nutrition and how to fuel your body instead of limiting intake is important. I feel like long term success is much easier to achieve with the right nutrition mindset and goals that are sustainable/work with your lifestyle and schedule.


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