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Client Spotlight: Christina

In January 2021, Christina came to Nourished with Emily looking for help, accountability and guidance. With being 9 months into the pandemic, and no end in sight, she knew she wanted to come out of the pandemic being healthier than ever before.

When we started, Christina and her husband were relying on convenience foods, under eating for their busy and active lifestyles (Christina works on a farm and walks about 7-8 miles a day), and felt stuck with what they should be doing to better themselves.

Christina would run to the neaby convenience store to grab snacks like sunchips and soda on her break trying to get any nutrition in that she could.

Christina, like many of the NWE clients when they first come to us, thought that she was eating enough for her activity. However, because she is CONSTANTLY moving at her job, she was grossly under eating during the week and then OVER eating at night time when she got really hungry and on the weekends, too.

We started small together. In fact, here was our first 3 goals from our first call together:

- Aiming to get in at least (2) 32 ounces bottles of water at least 5/7 days of the week

- Consistently having breakfast for this week with a source of protein, 25 g at a time

- Looking for 3 different colors and food groups

Really, that's it! We went small every week and looking for easy changes to make along the way along with building on the education we did together.

Now, she's training for a tri-athalon, eating really well rounded meals, planning out her weeks ahead for meals and activity and buying new clothes because nothing fits!

She also has pivoted from relying on take out and meals out to making great dishes at home and utilizing local produce, too!

She graduated this month from NWE and we are so proud of her. She knows that we take the once a client, always a client approach to help her along the way to success if she trips up. But, we are so proud of her and can't wait to see where she goes!

Congratulations, Christina!


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