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What do Registered Dietitians Always Keep in the Fridge?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Do you ever wonder what Registered Dietitian’s or Future Registered Dietitian’s keep in their refrigerators as essentials? RDN’s have great ideas when it comes to foods to have in your fridge to put together a quick meal when you are in a rush! Many people when they are in a rush grab something packaged or processed. Instead, here are ideas of what to keep in your refrigerator so when you are in a rush you can still eat a nutritious meal or snack!

What do RDN’s and RD’s to be keep in their fridge?

To start off many RD’s and RD’s to be keep frozen fruits and vegetables in their freezers! This is a great way to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your meals and not have these items go bad. You can keep them in there forever and have them whenever you need them! Frozen fruits can be used in a smoothie in the morning or as a snack midday. You can also make smoothie bowls with nuts and seeds on top as a great breakfast or snack! Full of nutrients as well as very filling! The frozen vegetables can be used for any meal! Just steam the frozen vegetables and add whatever seasonings depending on the meals you are making! More essentials that are kept in the refrigerators are eggs! Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and healthy fats to use in the morning for an omelet or even egg salad for midday. You can also you eggs to make healthy desserts! You can also hard boil eggs and eat them as a snack as well! Prepped foods are another great idea to keep in your fridge! These can be anything and can all be made at the beginning of the week, so you don’t have to cook during the week. This is usually found in an RD’s fridge so they can grab and go when they are in a rush or busy all day. This makes eating healthy easier for them and doesn’t cause stress trying to figure out what to eat throughout the day. For example, having overnight oats in your refrigerator for the morning allows someone to grab them and go when in a rush. They don’t have to search for all the ingredients and make it which takes time. This is a great time saving idea! Some more common things found in a RD’s fridge are cheese sticks, yogurt, and milk! These are great sources of calcium and healthy fats! Cheese sticks are a great quick snack as well as yogurt! You don’t have to prep them you can just grab and go. Milk is used for so many different foods, so it is a staple in the fridge! Fat free milk is the lowest in calories and the lowest in saturated fat, but any milk works since the fats found in milk can help keep you fuller for longer! Another great food item to keep in your fridge is hummus. This food item is definitely something that you need to enjoy if you want to keep it in your fridge! If you do enjoy hummus, you can put it on so many different foods and is a great healthy option! You can put it on carrots or toast! Hummus is full of nutrients as well as healthy fats that help keep you fuller for longer! Depending on what foods you like, keep quick options in your fridge so you can grab and go. Also, if you have healthy options ready to eat in your fridge you are more likely to grab them then making an unhealthy option.

These are all great food items to keep in your refrigerator! They are all healthy and quick options! Remember to keep a variety of options in your fridge as well so you don’t get bored of the food you have! Also, remember you don’t have to keep healthy options that you don’t enjoy in your fridge! If you don’t enjoy carrots, find a different vegetable that you do enjoy so that you actually eat it! RDN’s have a variety of foods in their fridges that help keep them full and get a variety of nutrients throughout the day!


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