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The Three things you need to be successful with your goals

I was talking to a woman in my Facebook group recently about her struggles with maintaining her weight loss after she stopped Weight Watchers.

She was scared that she would have to hop back on again and stay with it for years in order to keep the weight off

She didn’t think she would ever be able to see long term success, sound familiar?

We were diving into what she really needed to be successful and found that she was lacking in these three areas and you may be too!

She had a lack of CONSISTENCY, she felt like she had really, really good days throughout the week and really, really bad days but nothing was every able to be strung together to feel like a win. Every week felt like a loss to her.

She had a lack of FOCUS, she would start with one goal and change it to be something else as the week went on. She didn’t have a real direction to which she was going and working towards. She would be DEFEATED and then give up.

She had a lack of ACCOUNTABILITY, she wouldn’t share her goals with anything for fear that if she gave up or didn’t reach them that she wouldn’t feel like she let someone down. She needed the accountability and a support team behind her to help get her there

Does your plan have consistency, focus and accountability? If not, these may be the reasons why it feels like you're constantly failure at what you're doing. It's time to buckle down and get the help that we need for success. Look for CONSISTENCY, FOCUS and ACCOUNTABILITY to get there.

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