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New Year, New You: How to Set Achievable Resolutions for 2024

Updated: Mar 19

Every year millions of people make resolutions or goals for the new year. However, most of the time, these goals/resolutions are not followed through with. Does this sound like you? Nourished with Emily has a great gameplan for goal setting to make sure that you are set up for success in 2024.

First step is to focus on your WHY. Why do your goals matter? What is your reason for wanting to reach this goal? Try to really understand why this goal matters to you. By figuring this out, you are able to create motivation to make this goal a reality.

The next step is figuring out your BUY IN. This is closely associated with the previous step. Try to again think about what motivates you to make this change. Another way to think about this step is to think about if you took away the reward after completing this goals, would you still want it? A great way to use this to motivate you to complete this goal is by journaling or even post pictures on social media with your why on it. Why are you trying to accomplish this goal? Some days you won’t feel like you are getting anywhere and that is expected. When this happens having a letter that you wrote to yourself with words that you want to hear when you feel unmotivated. This will help get you back in a motivated mindset!

Now, let's PLAN out your goals. Try changing your goals from an outcome focus to be more focused on the process in order to get there. Phrase your goal around an action rather than an outcome that you are expecting. Rather than saying each week, I want to lose 2 pounds, let's set goals around the path that will make it happen.

It's also super important and helpful when making goals that they are what we call SMART goals. This stands for: S: specific, M: measured, A: accepted, R: realistic, T: time bound. Making general goals without a time frame, or that are unrealistic will more likely not be able to be completed and will make you feel even more unmotivated. The more specific you are, the more focused they are, the more likely you'll get there.

Finally, your last step is your PATH or how do you plan to get to the end of your goal. It is important to keep in mind there is no standard path for everyone. For example, if a program is marketing unbelievable results or making to stop doing some of your favorite things, that path is most likely not for you. These program are usually only measuring one piece of success which would be weight or a measurement. Finding a path that is individualized for you is very important and will help you achieve your goals more easily.

Here is a great example of this process in use:

This client is in her 40s, and was recently given medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She’s seen everyone in her family struggle with the same problems. She is now at risk for diabetes as well and she wants to be healthier in her new career.

•Her Why

• Family is important her and being around for them, mental health improvements that come with making health changes, confidence in her own skin

•Her Goals

• Get off medication

• Be healthy overall and have the energy to do the things she loves

• Longevity of her life and how she's feeling, too


I will be lowering my BP through increasing my activity to 4-5 days a week, reducing my sodium intake to be at 2300mg or below and only choose things labeled low sodium at the grocery store. I will check my BP each week and track progress after 3 months


She lost weight, has her blood pressure under control, cholesterol normalized, and has more energy.

Before starting this process it is important to make sure you have support from others around you and the understanding that you might fail. Sometimes failure can help you make better choices and learn. This is okay so don’t be discouraged and remember your WHY!

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