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How to take care of yourself better

Our lives constantly feel like we are just getting busier and busier every day and it's so hard for us to settle down and just be some days.

We are pulled into errands, events and more and feel like we can't sit down or even think until it's 10 at night.

It's easy to get pulled into this feeling and trap. We feel like our to do list is a mile long and things just kept getting added to it and we feel like we are the last one on the priority list.

But, if we aren't taking care of you, what are we even doing?

I know you've heard the cliché quote "You can't pour from an empty cup" but actually stop and think about it for a second. Are you giving and giving and giving without stopping to take a breath and see what you need?

Do you make a separate dinner for your kids every night and just feel exhausted fighting with them to eat that you just sit down and grab the cookies or chips?

We have to start taking care of you! You CAN be a great parent and significant other and still take care of you. It's okay to be selfish because you can't be there for them without being there for you!

So, now what?

Start small, what is one thing you can do for you daily that boosts your mood and vitality?

Is it a walk on your lunch?

Maybe a special tea?

Or get up a couple minutes early to cook your favorite breakfast?

Buy a new book you've been wanting to read?

Invest in a course you've been wanting to take?

Work with a dietitian to balance your health and nutrition?

We have to take care of you. It's not selfish, it's how you can really show up for others!

Nutrition can be one of those ways you take care!


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