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Athletic Greens: Worth it or Bogus

No longer is the media (or Popeye) pushing whole fruits and vegetables for healthy, now it's Athletic Greens or other powdered vegetable and fruit mixes. These products are taking social media by storm and we've received MANY questions about whether they are worth it or not. You've probably seen them on TV commericals or even in Podcasts, endorsed by celebrities and athletes alike. Let's start here: What are they? Usually dried and powdered from of fruits and vegetables, probiotics and proprietary blends (basically a secret ingredient) mixed together claiming that they aid in digestion, reduce bloating, help with keeping you fuller for longer and keep you healthy. Most companies are encouraging you to take these 1-3 times a day to help with getting in all of the nutrients you need. But, we have issues with these powders.

Not only are they super expensive, but they are also an unregulated supplement. Meaning, we don't know what exactly is in these powders and blends and if they actually do what they say they do. From a nutrition standpoint, we don't see the point in powdering all your fruits and vegetables because you will LOSE a lot of the nutrient content and fiber which actually helps with digestion, keeping you fuller for longer and preventing bloating. Many of the claims seem too good to be true, and in this case, it is. You don't need to be taking an over $100 a month supplement to see drastic changes or be healthier, start taking care of you, eating more color, fruits and vegetables, exercises and being more mindful of portion sizes. Not worth the money or the calories in taking them when they aren't scientifically proven to do anything. Eat the whole fruit and vegetable instead. Have another product you want our take on? Send us a message and let us know what you want us to review!

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