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Be Healthy,
Be Happy

I'm Emily, a registered dietitian who's passionate about helping men and women ditch dieting for good and build healthy habits that last a lifetime!

Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Nourished with Emily works with professional men and women in Syracuse, NY as well as around the United States who struggle to find time to support their own health and nutrition goals. We do this by offering tailored and paced to you programming lead by RD's and qualified nutrition professionals through breaking away from restriction and dieting so you can save time, energy and headaches while achieving your goals.  Nourished with Emily does this uniquely through our proven and successful Nourished with Emily nutrition method, practical nutrition advice and guidance, evidence-based nutrition recommendations, and the accountability, knowledge and experience of our trained coaches and dietitians. 


Lose Weight

Weight loss and healthy nutrition can seem hard and almost impossible for you, but it doesn't have to be! Building healthy habits is key; apply to work with the NWE team and we can get you there.


Nutrition that Works

Let's face it, meal plans, restrictive diets and food lists have never worked for you because you hate the foods they want you to eat! Emily can help you build a plan and routine that will work for you, without feeling restricted.


Building Confidence

Confidence in ourselves is built on our thoughts and behaviors. When we change our thoughts and behaviors, you can change your health. The Nourished with Emily coaches will help you build that feeling of confidence in and out of the kitchen.

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