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Why You're Getting Those Cravings!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

When I was at my most recent engagement, just this past Tuesday at Barre 3 in Syracuse, I was asked a lot about CRAVINGS.

One lady was saying how she had lost 80 pounds over the last 2 years but as she lost the weight, her cravings for sweets increased.

She said that she can be disciplined and have only 1 or 2 pieces, but she finds that the next day, shes uses the excuse that she had some the day before so she can have some today and ends up bingeing on it.

Have you ever felt like that? You're good in the moment, but later on it comes back as a major craving for more. And, rather than saying no, I am good. You find the nearest sweet and DEVOUR it?

That's okay. It happens.

But, I have got some good tips for you to keep in mind.

Cravings occur because we are either lacking something in our diets or because of restriction. We are either telling ourselves no we can't have something, or we aren't eating enough of a variety.

One thing that may help, adding a multi-vitamin into your daily routine to help cover your micro-nutrient bases.

Another option, making sure you're getting carbs, protein and fat into your diet daily and from different sources. Remember, we are aiming for 3 different colors and 3 different food groups a day.

And then there's restriction.

We tell ourselves no, no, no and then we get to a point where we can't say no anymore and find ourselves without any self control and elbow deep into a bag of candy or chips.

It even happens to you on a cycle, it seems like every month you end up back at square one.

If that is you, on the restriction train, I want to challenge you to start incorporating those foods that you typically crave into your daily routine. Make it okay, give yourself permission, and just have it. Now, I am not talking eating an entire bag of chips or candy, but in a portion controlled manner and I like to recommend with lunch.

When you have it at lunch, you'll still be utilizing a lot of energy for the day so you can burn the excess off and it gives you a little pick me up when you're feeling like crashing.

Cravings can be hard, too, especially around the holidays with all the treats around but remember to enjoy and move on.

You can do it!


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