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The Ultimate Guide to Building the Best Breakfast

The alarm goes off and you head downstairs to start your morning. You walk over to the coffee maker and start warming it up. Then, you head over to the fridge to see what you can have for breakfast. Do I want the yogurt? Eh. What about the overnight oats I prepped last night? They don't look too great. How about just an apple? Alright well, I guess that will do.

How often do you find yourself settling for just something in the morning when you know you could be choosing a powerful breakfast, that tastes good, and will keep you going all day long?

For years, I have had women come to me exclaiming that they had a great breakfast, they always start the day off right, but then reveal that what they were talking about was a 80 calorie Light and Fit Greek Yogurt. And, then they wonder why by 9 am they are starving again.

Sound familiar?

In our nutrition coaching practice, we are constantly preaching to our clients that breakfast should be one of the bigger meals of the day! We should be fueling up with that first meal to ensure that we will be full and focused the rest of the day, rather than constantly feeling hungry.

So what is the anatomy of a good breakfast?

Let's start with thinking about size. Breakfast should be setting the stage for the rest of the day. If we start off weak, we can have hunger issues the rest of the day. Your breakfast really should be about 1/3 of your total intake for the day.

What should be in our breakfast? Following the NWE plate method, we should strive to always have Protein, Carb and Color there on our plates. The protein helps with fullness and preserving muscle mass, the carb will be giving us energy and the color helps with immunity, overall nutrition status and and fullness with the fiber.

With this winning combo, we can guarantee that you'll be feeling energized and ready for the day, as well as confident in making healthy choices.

What's your go-to breakfast combo?


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