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Meal Delivery Box Review: Marley Spoon by Erica Perusse

Meal delivery box services have gained popularity for several reasons. They are convenient, provide various meal options, save time with planning meals, teach you how to cook different foods, give some flexibility, reduce food waste, and sometimes provide adequate portion control.

My family has tried several food delivery box services and wanted to share a little about our experience with Marley Spoon (the Martha Stewart box). Each week, you can choose from any recipe (breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, party platters, and sweet treats). There are many dietary categories to pick from as well like vegan, vegetarian, kid friendly, no diet, and more.

Our first week order had a massive discount for 4 meals that I could not resist. Over the past month, we have tried out 11 different dishes.

Side By Side Price Point on Ingredients (using Walmart brands) Please remember that this price point is for an entire food product, not just one meal.

Peak Season! Vegan Quinoa Bowl with Beets (Edamame & Turmeric-Tahini Dressing) Walmart : 46.34 plus tax

Marley Spoon : 41.96 plus tax

NUTRITION PER SERVING (4 total) : Calories 730, Fat 45, Proteins 24, Carbs 54

Turkey Reuben Meatloaves with Mashed Potatoes & Cucumber-Dill Salad

Walmart : 36.32 plus tax

Marley Spoon : 41.96 plus tax / shipping

NUTRITION PER SERVING (4 total) : Calories 970, Fat 60, Proteins 42, Carbs 68

Chai Oatmeal Walnut Cookies with Cardamom Sugar

Walmart : 63.86 plus tax

Marley Spoon : 41.96 plus tax / shipping

NUTRITION PER SERVING (4 total) : Calories 240, Fat 11, Proteins 3, Carbs 34


  • Most of our meals tasted great and were easy to make.

  • Produce is reported to come from a farm (which provides longer shelf life) and requires rinsing before use.

    • One week, we had COVID and did not feel like making the delivered foods. The ingredients were still fresh and in good condition the following week.

  • You have access to all the weekly recipes, and there are many to choose from!

  • Some recipe portions are larger than others, allowing us to have a full dinner and an additional lunch for my entire family of three.

  • Swaps are available for several menus. You can change proteins or even carb sources (for example swapping sushi rice for tri-color quinoa).


  • Ingredients Mission or of poor quality

    • We have been using this meal delivery box service for over 4 weeks. Every box has had either a missing or bad ingredient. While we are always credited back for the ingredient, it is still inconvenient if I do not have it at home.

  • Portion control

    • Some meals do not have adequate portion control when it comes to PCC. As you have learned, building your plate looks different for every person. While all recipes have nutrients listed, a few recipes still do not fully hit the mark (at least for my family). For example :

      • The Vegan Quinoa Bowl with Beets, we added chicken for a more filling protein.

      • The Turkey Reuben Meatloaves needed more color. We added a serving of raspberries on the side.

      • The Summer Big Bash Batch: Korean BBQ Platter had no veggie outside of the lettuce for the wrap. We roasted up some broccoli in garlic and olive oil.

  • Additional Ingredients

    • You do need to have more additional ingredients (that do not include within the box) than other meal kits. For example: apple cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, vanilla extract, eggs, butter, etc.

Despite these advantages, meal delivery box services may not be suitable for everyone. Some people prefer the experience of grocery shopping and cooking from scratch, while others may find these services expensive compared to traditional grocery shopping. It ultimately depends on individual preferences, budget, and even priorities. My family enjoys the variety of dish types and flavor options. We have not tried the Ready Made, Tray Bakes, or the breakfast menu yet, but if one comes along that piques our interest, we would try it out.

If you want to try out Marley Spoon meal delivery boxes, please message email Erica at For all the recipes, visit


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