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Is it okay to dip my vegetables and other foods in sauces?

This week, NWE was asked to be part of an upcoming news story about recent research showing that 1 in 5 children aren't getting enough vegetables in their diet. This tends to be the struggle for many parents- getting their child to even try a vegetable feels like pulling teeth for them.

And, when we grow up not liking vegetables, we also turn into adults that tend to shy away from a balanced diet that has a good amount of vegetables in it. You've learned that vegetable are important for all the vitamins and minerals that they have and that if you're trying to lose weight, vegetables are going to be a huge help in providing fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

But how can we eat more vegetables when we really don't like them?

Here's some of our favorite ways:

  • Add them into your favorite sauce. Saute up onions, mushrooms, celery and blend them into your jarred tomato sauce to add fiber and nutrients

  • Add some zucchini or butternut squash to your next mac and cheese

  • Make a smoothie for breakfast. Grab a handful of spinach and add it to your mixture of berries, yogurt and milk for a balanced snack that has some sneaky vegetables

Prefer the crunch version of vegetables over the blended or sneaky sources? That is okay! We give you permission to dip your vegetables in whatever sauce you want. Prefer ranch? That is fine! Love carrots and bluecheese? Do it up! Love to add butter to your green beans? Go right ahead.

Pairing vegetables with a source of fat like hummus or dip does not take away the benefit of the food that you're having. When pairing a vegetable with something like butter or dipping it in a sauce, you're actually helping you feel more satisfied from that snack as these often provide fat which helps to fill you up and keep you fuller for longer.

We tell our clients that what matters more in long term success is making sure you're having variety, eating foods you love and understanding the portion size of things as well as balance of nutrients.

The ounce of ranch with the cup of celery and carrots is NOT the reason why you're struggling with your weight. It actually can be a help along in your weight loss journey.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to be dipping some of the healthier foods in sauces or adding butter to them to make them taste better. Just be mindful of the serving size and make sure you stop when you feel full!

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