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Dear Stress, Let's Break Up

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Is stress making an impact on your nutritional or weight loss journey? You better believe it is! It is so easy for us to beat ourselves up over so many things. Our lives can be filled with both positive and negative forms of stress. The key to breaking up with stress is how you handle it. Today we are going to write a famous “Dear John” letter to major pain - STRESS!

Now, don’t let this stress you out, but I want to break this down a bit for you. We will talk about what stress is, how it impacts your nutritional journey, and finally I will suggest a few stress reduction strategies. Alright? Okay, here we go…

What exactly is Stress? Well, it can come in many different forms. It is defined by type, duration, and even severity.

Distress is a form of negative stress that is caused by a reaction to something perceived as harmful or unpleasant. Examples are time management, relationship conflict, being unsure about a career choice, etc.

Eustress is stress that comes from the result of something positive in your life. Yes, there is such a thing as positive stress. It is stressful because it typically involves some sort of CHANGE. Change that requires different coping or adjustment mechanisms. Examples of eustress would be something along the lines of holidays, a new job, or success of any sorts like a new health and nutrition lifestyle.

Optimal stress is considered to be the price of success; daring to dream, making sacrifices, working hard, and overcoming obstacles are the stresses of becoming successful. And stresses like conflict, disappointment, or injury are the fires that forge good relationships and challenge us to become better people. This type of stress is what helps us develop a new skill and grow!

Scientifically speaking, when our bodies experience “stress”, it will attempt to restore homeostasis by means of adaptive physiological responses. The body's sympathetic nervous system is activated by our brain. Then, a release of specific hormones (cortisol) from the endocrine system occurs to initiate a rapid and generalized response to the stressors.

Stress can affect several parts of your body too! This includes your immune, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal (GI), musculoskeletal system, and psychological wellness.

Stress will increase the blood glucose levels in anticipation of that fight or flight response, but the levels eventually go back to normal. However, for those whom are diabetic, they accumulate at higher levels of blood glucose because of their lack of functional insulin to bring it down to a normal range.

Now, do you see how much stress really impacts our nutritional and weight loss journey? Stress is somewhat unavoidable. Really, we can’t completely break up with stress, but we can certainly find ways to reduce it!

Stress Reduction Strategies

  • Identify Your Stressors

  • Social Support

  • Exercise

  • Nutritional Intake

  • Journaling

  • Deep Breathing

  • Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi

  • Affirmations / Reframing

  • Time Management

  • Change your PERCEPTION of the stressor

  • Change your REACTION to the stressor by finding alternative ways of coping

One thing I talk to my 1:1 VIP Counseling Clients is to identify the things we can control vs cannot control. I focus on building trust, because I truly want to see you succeed, no soar in your nutritional and wellbeing journey. In the NWE community of clients and staff we help and support each other.

Studies show that through social support there is a decrease in stress response hormones in the body. By finding ways to help cope or overcome your stressors, is the step in a positive direction when it comes to your future.

If you’d like to be a part of the Nourished with Emily VIP Client community, and are ready to have the personalized support you need with your diet, sleep, exercise, and more. Fill out my short client application, and we will set up a time and date to talk that is convenient to you.

Let’s do this together - LET’S BREAK UP WITH STRESS!


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